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Find your perfect holiday house.

Holiday and Short Stay Accommodation - House's, Apartments and Units.

Holiday Rental Accommodation in Lakes Entrance, Metung, Lake Tyers Beach, Geelong, Torquay, Portarlington and Ocean Grove.
HolidayMakers offers a diverse range of holiday houses available for holiday rental and short term stays. Each house has been chosen for the unique experience it can offer, so you are sure to find a property that is just right for you.

  • Pet friendly properties
  • Properties with jetty berths
  • Water front properties
  • Cosy apartments through to large double storey houses
  • Budget to premium properties
  • Town center properties to rural retreats
  • Apartments in the heart of town

Reasons to stay with HolidayMakers

  • 24 hour assistance whilst in-house
  • Large range of properties to suit all needs
  • Holiday houses offer privacy and a unique experience

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